Server: PC NA

Account: Hakarthan

Last Login: 1/17/2014 12:18:58 AM

Ironclad with EGO 969
Ironclad Contender III D
Yup That is right! Nim

Come join me in some defiance! add me @ hakarthan!

Sawed-off Shotgun with EGO 969
FRC Sawed-Off Scattergun (Machinist)
Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle with EGO 969
VBI PSR-7 Cyclone (Survivalist)
Infector with EGO 969
VOT Infector (Survivalist)
Tachyon with EGO 969
Tachyon Reloader III D

Come join me in some defiance! Add me @ Hakarthan!

Hakarthan added a shield for sale or trade.
Respark with EGO 940
Respark Fortifier IV EX
Hakarthan added a shield to inventory.
Rebel with EGO 940
Rebel Contender III D

Doing some contracts and Main mission come join! Add me @ Hakarthan In game! See you in Cali!!!

Hakarthan added a weapon to their wishlist.
Assault Rifle with EGO 950
FRC Assault Carbine