Server: PC NA

Account: Logain

Last Login: 8/7/2016 11:31:13 PM


I would not consider myself a trader becasue I do not look to "win" every trade.  Instead I try and find a mutual benefit for all parties involved.  Whisper (/w) to me in game and let's see what we can do.

Happy Warmaster Hunting!

Sales Notes

Trades Notes

Wishlist Notes

Currently Looking for:
Wolfhound with 2 ctit mult rolls (Blue or Better)
Legendary FRC Saws
Legendary FRC Assault Carbines 
Legendary VBI Assault Rifles
Legendary Tachmag Pulser
Legendary VOT Pulsers with Radiation or syphon
Legendary VBI TACC Autopistol with 2 ctit mult rolls
Legendary VBI LM-43 Thunder with mag bonuses 
Epic or better Wildcats preferaablly with a crit roll
Epic or Better VBI AR2 Bonfires 

The following 7th Legion weapons:
Tetsuho with 2 crit mult rolls
Yamato with mag bonuses
Nezumi with Radiation