The Knights of Paradise

tried to fight baby warmasters with a sword

Here is a link to a thread on WARMASTER loadouts

This is my WARMASTER loadout Weapons: VBI GL-1 Ground Pounder, Assassin synergy...NEEDS extended mag Fire nano Splitshot, Stalker synergy...NEEDS crit mult barrel Perks: Fortitude, Cellular Armor, Regeneration, Blast Shield, Sucker Punch, Killing Machine, Quick Charge, Pumped Up, Kill or Be Killed Spikes/Stems: Ammo Spike, Health Stem Shields: Pick the highest capacity shield you have or can find regardless of the recharge/sec or recharge delay

The PVP loadout problem was fixed. So when you all get a chance. play more competitive multiplayer matches.

The 7 year old Legion

If you ever need help, back up or just a friend to game with. Don't be afraid to ask.

Here are all the co op data recorders