I am the Alpha! I am the O- no, just the alpha...

Posted on Saturday, January 11, 2014 (3 comments)

This is it. I can finally call the alpha version a done deal.

What does that mean exactly? I'm gonna make a separate post about my development strategy but in simple terms all of the features I wanted to make available to kick off the site are in place. There may be some display and interactivity inconsistencies, things may not flow how I want them to in the end, but the root trading and social features are here and ready to use.

This includes but is not limited to: putting up shields, weapons and mods for sale or trade; attaching images to shields and weapons with cropping for full screenshots; wishlists for shields, weapons and mods; social posts when items are added to any of those lists; status updates, uploaded photos and YouTube video links on character profiles; support for multiple characters per account; and an explore interface to view details about all of the items in the game.

Feel free to report any bugs you encounter on this post and I will try to take care of them as quickly as possible. In the meantime I'm taking a break from development to just enjoy playing the game for a week before diving into the Beta.

Thanks for checking the site out and if you have created an account and listed items I really appreciate it and hope you make some sales!


Site looks great! I will keep my eyes out for some bugs/fixes. One thing though are you planning on making a option to where you can delete characters from your profile? I made a extra one and I cant find where to delete one of them. Thank you and have a great day keep up the great work!

Typo: EGO level on add a weapon box says EFO level.
Missing Mod: force accelerator IV not in mod bank

Thanks habu I have fixed both. I thought I saw Force Accelerator IV but couldn't find it on any of my characters so I had to make a guess about it's velocity increase. Is it +5 or +6?