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Posted on Sunday, November 17, 2013 (31 comments)


Thanks for checking out the site, and if you've already got an account, thanks for helping test and design this site. This is a temporary discussion solution, articles and comments. There will be other methods as the site evolves including private mail and topic comments. In the meantime I'm hoping to get feedback on the site through these articles. This one is as open-ended as they'll get, a place to dump anything and everything. So let me talk a bit about the goals here and hopefully that'll be a jumping off point.

Defiance features a wholly random item system. You would think from that philosophy the developers were hoping to encourage trade. Yet there is no mechanism within the game to facilitate that beyond general shouting in Zone chat. There is no auction house or other method in the game to put out there what you think is more valuable that dumping on a vendor or scrapping in the Salvage Matrix. There's no way to publicize a certain shield you'd pay handsomely for as it never drops. Some people take to forums to announce their needs or list items they have for trade or sale hoping the people reading are on the same server and using the same version of the game.

So that's the foundation of this site: to provide a mechanism that should exist within the game or at least a companion app that's tied to the game's data. Beyond that, as long as you're dragging yourself here why not character pages with status updates and ruminations? How about clan pages and ways to hold tournaments and other gatherings? These are just some of the things I have thought about in creating a site that fills in the blanks of the social component one should expect from a massively connected game world.

For now the site is all about features. Getting grenades and then weapons added is a priority. But finding a name, designing a logo, prettying things up, add AJAX data routines, converting the code and more are waiting for when the site can be opened up to all.

So please feel free to report bugs, postulate features, whatever seems like it doesn't fit elsewhere right now in terms of discussion right here in this article.

And thanks again!


Thanks Clubside for putting this together! Good start, if you need help just drop me a line.

How would a new member post a shield/mod for sale? Do we trade them to you and you sell on consignment? If so, where is a good source for pricing information? I don't have a clue what something would be worth.

In the header under your account name should be a thumbnail which takes you to your character name. From there you can manage your inventory and wishlists.

As for the actual trade or sale process I hope to have private messaging soon in the meantime checking for that person in the game and whispering to work out details is what I have been doing.

Looking good. Can't wait to do some trading.


I see now how to add items etc. I agree with Tanner about what is a fair price to buy or sell?

Here's my system: 1-for-1 trades (purple mod for purple mod, orange weapon for orange weapon etc), and twice vendor value for sales (70K for purple mods). But that's just me, I've seen people ask for outrageous amounts for orange weapons.

The system has a transaction history. So after you sell/trade in game you go on the site and manage your items and then select sold/traded and type in what happened. I'll be adding the ability for you to review that and possibly share the info.

There will also be a trade/sell notes field for each of your characters so you can let people know your general rules.

Seems reasonable for trades & values. Have never used an in game trade. I assume you see both items from each other & both people much click ok or something to actually make the trade. This game is the worst for folks talking. Very limited the way the talk works. They need to change it up kinda like fallen earth or something. BTY u think they will have the purple mods available for specials on Thanksgiving like they did on Halloween? Am saving up for it.

dude this an awesome idea. I know is similar but I believe once this takes off it will b much better. a lot of the beta testers and old school clans have diminished greatly. the game may have lost its luster to some but there are those of us who still play on a regular basis. we know what things are actually worth. so if need b just ask any of us and we will kindly help. being taken advantage of while ur still young n the game blows goats. its happened to me bfor so I wont stand for it. I will b adding some rare stuff but my drawback will b the ego ratings on it. the t4 mods, fortunately tho, r unego regulated. most of us old timers have a lot of cash and don't mind spending it. so if u have sumn I want...ask double. I don't mind paying the cash to younger players n the game. gives u a boost n cash and in weaponry.

Thanks Domovoi, I guess that site didn't come up when I was searching for an existing service. I see they went with a different tact leaving much of the work up to the user. I'm going for a comprehensive database so you can cross-reference, get alerts and be sure the data matches what you see in the game. I'm considering adding an ebay-style component as well but I don't think the current userbase will support it.

I guess I'm a "one site to rule them all" developer so after I'm done with all the inventory and wishlist management things I'll be moving on to the social features. At the end of the day I want to show Trion what's missing since this functionality would better be served in a companion app that is linked to live game data but until that day let's all work together to create a destination where everything can be handled.

Right now I'm focusing on the raw data and counting on people to work things out in-game. Should I add the ability to add descriptive text and sale/trade terms to each item along with images sooner rather than later?

Nice website! Wow you did an awesome job.

I will be glad to be the first on PS3 na to help get it started,I just signed up.My wife and I both play and she wanted to start something like this,she even started a character Trader Jaxx.(she will sign up later) We play every evening with our two sons, grandson and my wife's sister...Florida, Wisconsin and Ohio. It's a great family get together. Hope this gets going good and look forward to the fun! Shoot me an e-mail as to when it will go live on PS3 NA.

Oh and BTW, you should advertise on K-Tam Internet Radio.

Clubside this sight is just make it so easy to post inventory,i don't have to spend half an hour in a trade window looking at each others stuff and thats when you can catch the other player on.i just post my stuff,another player see's at his or her convenience, sends a message and BAM i got an email letting me know.thx you made my defiance week

I wanted to add few things to my mod wishlist, but the weapons list is showing up blank in the mod form. Other than that, this site is awesome.

Sorry, i mean the mod list is showing up blank

Mods use a JavaScript file to populate the dropdown rather than the normal database fill on other items as they seemed pretty locked down. Is it possible you have a script blocker that is preventing them from being loaded? This is something I need to consider as I had intended to do the same with shields and weapons at some point.

Right now I'm seeing the list in both the pop-up and standalone form pages so I'd like to solve why it isn't working for you.

Thanks, i updated my internet browser and it's working fine now

I hope ya'll don't mind that i made a character for my clan on your site. So i can upload links to data recorder videos' give away free weapons and have them message me with any concerns about the game. While giving them a place to buy, sell and trade weapons.That's like 500+ members right there for your site..if u want to check it out .the link to the clans page is

Not a problem at all. You will however have the ability to create and manage clans during the first beta cycle and clans will have their own pages, the ability to span platforms and lots more. I'll have to figure a way to convert a character to a clan if you want when that's ready also when tagging comes in there will be sets of site-specific tags as well as any custom tag you like, so hopefully you can tag your guides as such and they'll all appear collected in a guide section.

Cool, and if in the future you don't have a way to convert characters into clans. i don't mind having to redo the clan's page. Right now i'm just testing the waters and waiting to see how my clan reacts to the new page. A few thumbs up so far :)

I posted a link in my clan's page to the Defiance forum on how to kill the warmaster, but the link isn't highlighted blue and isn't redirecting. Everyone has to copy and paste it to big go to the site. Although not a big problem, i was wondering if ya'll are gonna have a fix for that soon?

Everyone has to copy and paste it to go to the site. I mean

Is this the link you're using?

No, i posted this link on the hulkercafe page
and it's not showing up as a link

on my clan's hulkercafe page, i mean

Ah, I gotcha... that fix is coming either tomorrow of the next day depending on when I finish the shield rewrite. The fix will allow any comment or post to have auto-formatted links, images and YouTube videos by just including a URL. At the moment the only way to have a URL in your comment/post is to actually include the full HTML code yourself. Sorry about that.

If I get the chance I will update just that function rather than you having to wait for all the other changes to happen.

I went ahead and updated the code just for that, the general fix for the whole site is still coming with the big feature-free-but-major-rewrite update in the next couple of days.

Thanks bro, your awesome