7th Legion Yamoto

Based on the VBI LM-43 Thunder. Designed by the 7th Legion with a larger clip.


Low rate of fire and high recoil make this a good extended fire suppression weapon

Quickburst Pulser

Fires in quick multiple round bursts with a quicker reload design

VBI LM-12 Rocker

Strong recoil encourages firing the weapon in bursts

VBI LM-43 Thunder

High rate of fire weapons advanced technology increases accuracy with sustained fire

Volge Recon Assault Rifle

Fire slow traveling cold fire projectiles which detonate upon hitting the target. Designed for fast reloads.

VOT Disruptor

Fires in multiple round bursts for increased weapon recoil control

VOT Volge Battle Rifle Gun

No description provided and each rarity has a different name

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